Etihad need to focus on ground service at its hub…

… not new products in the air.

Etihad has started flying its first A380 around. The Etihad A380 features a whole new suite of products (pun intended).

One Mile At A Time has reviewed the inaugural Etihad A380 service in the First ‘Apartment’.

While it looks to be an impressive hard product, it is important to remember that the hard product is only one element of a pleasant air travel experience.

Every time we fly out of Abu Dhabi (AUH) on Etihad, we are appalled by the poor ground service for first class:

  • there is currently no Etihad first class lounge at the airport. First class customers must use the business class lounge. If the rumours are to be believed, we are months away from seeing a new first class lounge.
  • at the gate, first and business class customers are treated the same with regard to priority boarding.
  • when boarding flights which use a remote stand, customers connecting to or from first class are rammed into a bus with everyone else.
  • where there are priority security lanes, these are often not adequately guarded to keep economy class passengers out.

EY1 As an example, we recently flew out of AUH on a US-bound flight. The above is the ‘priority’ line to enter the boarding gates for US bound flights at AUH earlier this month. While there was a EY2boarding pass to get into these lines with economy passengers told to stay on the right (clearly signposted) and the line being roped off just after this check, not a single person in the signposted ‘priority’ line was traveling in First or Business Class (nor appeared to hold the requisite frequent flyer status). There were no Etihad staff around to rectify this.

The lane on the left was clearly marked for wheelchairs, but we ended up using it in frustration.

Once through this nightmare of a line for the second boarding pass check, the rest of the US pre-clearance experience was actually very straightforward and speedy.

Etihad appear to be building a combined lounge for first and business class after US CBP formalities.

As it was, we had use of the gate:


While it is intended that the new Midfield Terminal at AUH will open on 17 July 2017 at 7 AM, Etihad need to comprehensively redo their ‘service’ concept at AUH well before then. At the very least, Etihad need to get together a bunch of staff to escort first passengers around AUH so they do not have to wait. This will cost a fraction of even the design of the new A380 cabin.

Make no mistake, the ground service at AUH is amongst the worst in the world for longhaul international first class. Etihad have poured resources into re-doing their hard product, but for some reason these embarrassing and very obvious lapses of service persist at their hub.

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  1. Having flown EY F several times myself, I definitely have to agree with you. The experience on the ground should be much easier to change than an onboard hard product and with the strides Etihad have taken in that regard, their airport experience leaves a lot to be desired.

    It’s not as if the airport itself is incapable, the other week I flew Lufthansa F from AUH-FRA and was greeted by a staff member at check-in who then escorted me through immigration, security and to the lounge. Their service in FRA for first class passengers is certainly second to none and EY could do well to take a few lessons to ensure they can provide a well rounded premium travel experience.

  2. I wonder if the blogger or anyone else has contacted Etihad about the situation? Are they aware of it, do they agree it is a problem, and are they fixing it?

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