Escaping the telemarketers

For those of us who have relationships with numerous banks and other financial institutions, it can get a little frustrating to constantly receive sales calls from them.

A number of banks engage third-party telemarketing firms, who are very persistent in harassing the bank’s customers (by being paid on sales made, it doesn’t bother them to harass a bank’s customers). It is for this reason it is advisable to never give a bank your cellphone number.

For those in Australia, we recommend ignoring telephone calls from the following numbers:
ANZ: (03) 8693 5488
CBA: (02) 8094 5820
NAB: (03) 9092 6540 and more importantly (03) 8363 4183 (these are the contracted salespeople ‘calling on behalf of the NAB’ to sell you insurance cover)
Westpac: (02) 8973 0800
American Express: (02) 9016 9513

Also worth noting that (02) 4222 3000 calls trying to sell you membership in Accor Plus and (08) 6228 4010 (calls on behalf of Telstra in Melbourne despite the area code not even being right).

We had one sales call from ANZ today (they had been calling for weeks so we thought it would a good use of a spare moment to tell them not interested and do stop calling). The purpose of the call seemed to be to convince us to make an appointment to see someone in an ANZ branch (who would then presumably attempt clumsily to sell us financial products).

After the first leading question we stated that: ‘I am very happy with my current banking relationships. Please do not call…’, but were cut off with a cherry ‘Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales call’. Yeah, right! The line that seemed to get rid of the caller was ‘I have recently met in the branch with a consultant and am very happy with my current products and services’. The other option is just to hang up, of course.

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