JAL first seat and IFE – some thoughts

Reflecting on our review yesterday of JAL first class from Tokyo Narita to Sydney, we thought it would be useful to add a bit more information on the seat.

For those not familiar with the product, JAL have a handy information card:


The entertainment system is called ‘MAGIC-V’. It asked which language we wanted when we picked up the controller and then a few presses later when we wanted to open something, asked what language we wanted again.

We didn’t think much of the music selection on the entertainment system as it had compilations of ‘hit tracks’ rather than full albums. While you can skip between tracks on the album, there are radio DJ-style announcements between tracks but those are built in to the track files so are difficult to skip.


If the flight attendants have activated the functionality, the handset can also be used to order food and drink.


Pressing the tools on the touchscreen handset brings up the ability to adjust screen brightness, volume and switch on or off screens, as well as a touchpad to use as a cursor on the screen.


The Bose QC15 headphones JAL provide are battery powered and have a power switch, just like regular QC15s (which compares to most airline Bose headphones which draw power from the plane through a third prong on the adapter).


In the second row of first class, we noticed light coming through from the business class cabin, which had turned on its lights much earlier than first class (presumably they do a breakfast tray business class).


During the flight, behind the first class cabin the flight attendants had set up a little bar on surfaces which fold up from the bulkhead. This is not like airlines that have an actual bar, just a surface to grab a drink or snack. On the wall behind was a photo display sponsored by Canon.


The hard product of JAL first class is very well thought out and we look forward to giving the service another chance on a future flight.

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