MH Golden Lounge (Business Class) – KUL (Satellite)

Rounding out the oneworld lounge options at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) is Malaysia Airlines’ (MH) Golden Lounge Satellite, unsurprisingly located at the Satellite terminal.

This lounge has two sides – one for first class (and oneworld emerald members) and one for business class (and oneworld sapphire members). The first class side is quieter and slightly better furnished, with a better restaurant, but still rates poorly compared to other first class lounges operated by oneworld members around the world.

This is a review of the business class side of the lounge. The Golden Lounge Satellite is Malaysia Airlines’ flagship lounge, although we feel that at least the business class side of the lounge is best avoided.


After passing the reception desk, passengers for the business class lounge go to the left and come to a sports bar (on the left below). It serves a pretty poor selection of alcohol, but a glass of cheap plonk is better than no wine at all, we suppose.


Then there is a staircase and ramp up into the main lounge. The staircase was taped off for some strange reason.

Off to one side is a glassed off business centre, which contains some computers (sponsored by Samsung, as are the TVs in this lounge), a mobile phone charging tower and some quieter lounge seating.


The lounge itself has an ambiance closely resembling a barnhouse from the construction of the ceiling which angles up to high point much like a barn (or school hall) does. The resemblance continues with the lounge flooring, which feels particularly poorly constructed.


The lounge has two long sofas that seem to routinely used for sleeping during the night (this lounge is open 24 hours). Given the demand for somewhere to nap, it would be an obvious area for improvement to install some nap pods.


The lounge has great tarmac views down one side which is nice.

Food is served from two smaller buffets towards the back of the lounge, with a more extensive buffet with seating area located in a slightly elevated area in the middle of the lounge.


The bathrooms and showers are terrible here – they don’t seem to have been renovated with the rest of the lounge when it was last done.

This lounge is large, but it is frequently packed full of people ahead of the main bank of longhaul flight departures. When it is not full, the space is not impressive.

We’ve previously reviewed the Cathay Pacific lounge and the Malaysia Airlines Regional Golden lounge at this airport, and feel those compare favourably to this lounge, which is best avoided.

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