Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge San Francisco

Airside at San Francisco’s International Terminal G gates is a very dated Singapore Airlines lounge, which stands in stark contrast to Singapore Airlines’ recently renovated lounge in Sydney, or its flagship The Private Room in Singapore. We used this lounge prior to an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland.


We checked in with Air New Zealand in San Francisco. The priority check-in queue allows premium economy, business premier and status passengers to check-in through the same line. In what might for a business class check-in queue, it was set up with snaking crowd control, which would indicate that they expect the line to back up. We can understand this for economy class, but for business?


Turning right immediately after security checkpoint, we passed the entrance to the United lounge and followed a hallway which leads to the Singapore Airlines lounge, and then on to the EVA Air lounge (which was closed and seems to only be opened ahead of EVA Air’s 1:10am and 5:30pm departures).

As we arrived in the Silver Kris Lounge, the lounge attendant was busy declining access to a Star Alliance Gold member using a line that sounded well practiced: ‘Sorry. Between the hours of 4 and 7pm this lounge is for the exclusive use of Air New Zealand passengers only’. This is probably sensible given that the lounge was not really large enough for the number of Air New Zealand passengers that had access to it when we visited.

Upon seeing our business class boarding pass, the lounge agent welcomed us into the lounge, without any scanning, writing or fuss. This was surprising given that, for reasons only known to them, Air New Zealand prints the word ‘Business’ in such a tiny font that it is easy to miss (but we digress…).


Inside are a number of comfortable chairs arranged in narrow rows.


There is also an exceptionally crammed pair of seats that is literally right on the edge of reception.


We found the magazine rack poorly stocked and there was no Wall Street Journal available in the untidy array of newspapers. These omissions are unusual for a Singapore Airlines lounge.


The décor of the lounge is just a bit tired.


There is a self-service selection of liquor (of course unusual for the United States).


The lounge does have a view out over the apron.


In the corner are some workstations.


There was a buffet selection out…


… which included a make your own salad offering…


… and some dried sandwiches.


While this catering blows away what the United Club offers, in terms of Singapore Airlines’ lounges around the world it is pretty poor. We understand a higher standard of catering is out before their own flights, rather than the Air New Zealand flight we were on.

At the scheduled boarding time (not the time the flight was actually to board… more on that in our next post), the solitary lounge receptionist walked around the lounge announcing that the flight was boarding (it is not clear whether the lounge has a PA system or not).


Visiting this lounge, we were reminded of the Air New Zealand lounge in Brisbane in that the lounge is far too small for the eligible passengers and feels like it could do with a significant renovation. Until Singapore Airlines refresh this lounge, we would suggest first class passengers are best to use the United Global First lounge. While we are hesitant to suggest others use the United Club, guests may wish to pick and choose (depending how full the Singapore Airlines lounge is, and whether the EVA Air lounge is open).

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