Air New Zealand handing out top tier status for a credit card sign-up (in New Zealand, targeted)

Online bulletin boards have recently been lit up by discussion of Air New Zealand making targeted offers to its frequent flyers. But is it going too far to be offering a year of top-tier airline status for signing up for a credit card?


Air New Zealand has this year announced it is parting ways with its Bank of New Zealand (a subsidiary of National Australia Bank) for its co-branded globalplus credit card (which will become a cash-back credit card), effective 1 May 2015.

Out with the old...

Out with the old…

Instead, Air New Zealand will offer a new suite of card products in conjunction with Westpac.

To acquire new customers for this product, Air New Zealand is targeting cardholders of the previous co-branded credit card product who don’t otherwise hold an Airpoints earning credit card. For selected existing holders of top-tier Airpoints Elite status, this seems to be an offer for an extra full banked year of that status to use once they fail to re-qualify.

Air NZ offer

Some Airpoints Gold members also report being targeted with offers of a status upgrade to top-tier ‘Elite’ status for taking out the credit card.

The move follows Qantas running a promotion earlier this year for New Zealand residents to match frequent flyers to Qantas Gold status.

Do you think offers like this have too dilutionary an effect on the value proposition for top-tier status in frequent flyer programs?

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