Former SQ stewardess writes long rant

A former Singapore Airlines flight attendant has written a post reflecting on the two years she spent as a Singapore Airlines flight attendant. Some have referred to it as a ‘lengthy exposé’, and we certainly agree with the length part of that characterisation.

Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Singapore Airlines Suites Class

The former Singapore Girl’s post is prone to hyperbole and contains such insights as:

  • The work of cabin crew is varied. This former Singapore Girl felt overworked (at one point she refers to “nonstop labour intensive work where you literally walk to London”).
  • Traveling means cabin crew miss things happening at home.
  • Business class is better to work in than economy class from the perspective of the cabin crew.
  • Overnight flights from Asia to Australia are unpleasant.

Nothing new there. However, more interesting is the mindset revealed by some of the language. For example, she says that “stewardesses are the ones who face the wrath of passengers”.

We were also interested by the comment that “whenever we see Singaporeans onboard, we sigh because it means there are bound to be complains” (sic). She gives one anecdote of a passenger responding to her greeting upon boarding the plane with the words ‘Straits Times’ to request a newspaper, with no pleasantries. It had never occurred to us that passengers do behave that way.

If you have a moment, the post can be read in its entirety by following this link.

If you have another moment, you can also read our reviews of flying Singapore Airlines’ flagship product, Suites Class, from Sydney to Singapore and Singapore to Hong Kong.


Singapore Airlines Suites Class bed

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