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The Hilton Sydney’s Executive Lounge was fully renovated in late 2012. We previously reviewed the hotel itself, and were particularly impressed by the fit-out of our Relaxation Room. The Executive Lounge is located on the 36th floor (a floor accessible without a hotel keycard).


During our stay we found the door to the Executive Lounge consistently propped open, with the staff officiously guarding the entrance only during breakfast and evening drinks.


As we alluded to in our review of the hotel, its worth noting that guests with Executive Lounge access can check-in here. Not many seem to, despite the teeming hoards often found queuing at the reception desk in the lobby.


The lounge serves continental breakfast in the morning from 6:30am to 10am (11am on weekends), scones for afternoon tea between 3pm and 6pm and evening drinks from 6pm to 8:30pm (8pm on weekends). We weren’t proactively given a listing of Executive Lounge benefits on check-in, so did have to ask.


The lounge is shaped like a giant J. At the end of the J is a nice sitting area, which was drenched in afternoon sun.


There were a number of used dishes sitting out on one of the tables.


There was a television blaring, but helpfully the remote control was at hand to switch it off. Quite why it was even necessary to install a television is beyond us.


There is also a dining area with full-height tables. We find this area a bit clinical. Perhaps it is something to do with the metal chairs. Also, tables of this size are just awkward in communal lounges given that most people are traveling alone or with one other person.


The lounge had computers and a printer for use by guests awkwardly perched on a long low table. They look like an afterthought and we never saw them being used.


Near the computers were also some empty bench spaces with power outlets.


The rest of the lounge is packed out with small tables. During our visit, one guest was loudly whining to another guest that “it wasn’t very, you know, lounge”. Some other American guests seemed focused on trying to pick up one of the service staff “to show them around town”. Interesting crowd.


Through the frosted sliding doors is a meeting room.


On to the catering. The afternoon tea service isn’t worth hanging around for.


Soft drinks are available all day, with alcohol also served at standard hotel prices outside of the evening drinks service in the lounge.


During the evening drinks service, this area is transformed into a bar.


Soft drinks and beers are also placed out for self-service.


Below are pictures of the evening spread when we visited, which included a big bowl of smoked salmon.


In the morning continental breakfast is served in the lounge. Per our recent update, this is not a pleasant atmosphere and there is no longer the option for Gold and Diamond members to dine in the restaurant.  We aren’t sure why you would elect to have breakfast up here, instead of in the hotel’s restaurant (Glass) which is covered towards the end of our review of the hotel. This is especially the case given the hotel allows Gold and Diamond members to have breakfast in the restaurant for no additional charge.

HiltonSYDEL41 HiltonSYDEL42
HiltonSYDEL40 HiltonSYDEL43

Overall we find the Hilton Sydney has a very solid Executive Lounge offering. The service is unobtrusive and although the lounge does get rather full, it is likely you would only visit the lounge for a few drinks and snacks in the evening.

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  1. Went today to the biggest morning tea at the Hilton I dont think there directly associated it Was A total waste of money I would never go again the food was one chocolate eclair as small as the finger two scones one sandwich half and something with jelly not enough food too much advertisements about Portman and Jacques e not enough food it was hurry up the worst wasted money they should have given more freebies in the bags for the price I paid it’s bad on Hilton even not directly associated as it was cheap

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