Star Alliance plays catch up with SkyTeam

In recent weeks, Star Alliance have unveiled Star Alliance Gold Track, branded priority security queues at some major airports.


This is frightening similar to Skyteam’s SkyPriority offering, although SkyPriority is branding that extends also to check-in, boarding and baggage claim.

SkyPriority Narita (Picture courtesy SkyTeam)

Star Alliance Gold Track is not available down under, in fact the closest destination is Tokyo (Narita). Gold Track opened at Narita on 30 January 2015.

Star Alliance Gold Track is offered to begin with in an almost random grab-bag of primarily United Airlines-served destinations around the world:

Europe Athens, Brussels, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Porto, Zurich
Americas Bogota, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York (JFK), Newark, Seattle, Washington (Dulles)
Tokyo (Narita)

We will follow the roll-out of this concept with interest.

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2 Comments on "Star Alliance plays catch up with SkyTeam"

  1. And . . . . . . . how is this different than the “regular” priority lines that are already available to gold members and to business and first class passengers?

    This article basically provides no information.

    • There isn’t much information to provide.

      In the United States, very little is different. It is just branding.

      At some overseas ports, it represents a change – allowing status passengers into lines that were formerly just for Business/First. At Tokyo Narita, the lane was introduced at the start of February and is really great because previously unless you were able to go through All Nippon Airways Suite check-in for first class, there didn’t seem to be a priority way to clear security.

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