Review: Hilton Sydney slides into an abyss (change in HHonors elite benefits)

We have previously reviewed the Hilton Sydney when we’ve had a Relaxation Room, as well as the Executive Lounge. We had a nice stay, so we thought we’d return. Perhaps we shouldn’t have jinxed it.


Major unannounced change to Gold / Diamond treatment at this property

Update: the Hilton Sydney has backtracked on this change for HHonors Diamond members only.

In our previous review, we noted that the hotel allows Gold and Diamond members to have breakfast in the restaurant for no additional charge.

Breakfast buffet in Hilton Sydney restaurant, glass

Breakfast buffet in Hilton Sydney restaurant, Glass

Now, merely weeks later, this is no longer the case. Gold and Diamond members now only receive a very mediocre continental breakfast in the executive lounge. Incidentally this lounge was packed when we visited for breakfast. Twice our newspaper was stolen by other guests when we got up to get some more orange juice. The atmosphere was just unpleasant.

The hotel has not bothered to announce this significant change. It hasn’t even bothered to leave a note detailing this change for guests when they check-in or tell repeat guests about this change when they check-in.

The change is regretful. What is even more regretful is the way the hotel has tried to pretend there has been no change.

Check-in experience

Arriving to check-in a few hours early, we were told no room was available. Yet others arriving at the same time were being handed their keys and heading straight to their rooms. The Executive Lounge featured a number of pissed-off looking with Gold and Diamond members waiting for their rooms. It seems the hotel was holding out and rather than giving members the option of having an available standard room (termed ‘Guestroom Plus’ at this property), it was instead making them sit in the executive lounge until an ‘Executive Room’ was available.


You would have thought then they might get around to clearing the tables in the executive lounge. Or cleaning dirt that had somehow ended up on the floor. Alas.


Dirt all over the floor in the Hilton Executive Lounge

The executive room seems to just be a standard room with a bathtub wedged in the corner of the bathroom.


It would seem then being an elite Hhonors member at this property means you will get significantly worse treatment in some respects. Such as to be forced to wait around for hours to get a room, where the only functional difference is a bathtub.

Executive Room

Despite only being one room category down from the Relaxation Room we had on our previous stay, the executive room is much smaller.


The bathroom features the aforementioned bathtub…


…as well as a compact chaise lounge.


Make no mistake, it feels cramped.


As was the case when checking in on our last stay, we never received an executive lounge benefits letter. Below is the last one we received at this hotel. Hopefully they have not removed any other benefits silently in the hope that no-one would notice.


Credit, where credit is due, the glassware in the rooms at this property is particularly nice.


Given this hotel’s lack of respect for Hilton Gold and Diamond members, as demonstrated by the hotel’s sly attempt to wind back Gold and Diamond treatment at this property, we have substantially revised our opinion of this property in the negative direction.

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