Review: Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

The Marriott Sydney Hyde Park was re-branded as the Pullman Sydney Hyde Park in May 2012, following the acquisition by Accor of Mirvac Group’s hotel interests in Australia and New Zealand. The property underwent an AU$7 million refurbishment at that time.


Voting with our feet after the Hilton Sydney cut Diamond breakfast benefits and provided shoddy service on our most recent stay, we have been on the hunt for a new hotel to stay at while in Sydney. We thought we would put our Accor Platinum status to work at this Pullman.


Pullman Sydney Hyde Park entrance

Wandering into the lobby, we were immediately greeted and walked to the reception desk, where we were promptly assisted by a gentleman who barked into his walkie-talkie that he ‘needed a room check for a platinum member. Urgent’. He was very efficient and helpful, handing an envelope containing a welcome letter and two welcome drink vouchers. So far so good.


The room key was needed to operate the elevator. As we entered, we encountered a couple trying in vain to make their room key operate the lift. It seems the room keys are easy to wipe.


Steeping out of the lift on our floor, we noticed the hotel has nice corner windows overlooking Paddington.


Our welcome letter set out the hours of the executive lounge.


We had been upgraded into what the property calls a junior suite, which was 54 sqm in size and had a separate bedroom off to the side. We were immediately struck by how dated the furnishings seemed.


The sofa looked suspiciously like it would also fold out to a bed, which we confirmed by lifting up one of the cushions.


The hotel had left a welcome gift, which consisted of a bottle of wine that was literally undrinkable. We used it to clean the toilet. Honestly, we would have preferred a bottle of sparkling water, and that would presumably have been cheaper for the hotel to provide.


Also delivered were cheese and crackers. The cheese was delicious but absolutely stank the living room out. There was no cheese knife provided, nor could we find one in the room, so we ended up slicing the cheese with the end of a teaspoon. We also ran out of crackers before we ran out of cheese, much as is the case when partaking in the cheese while flying on Thai Airways.


The room had very nice views out over Hyde Park towards Sydney’s CBD.

PullmanSYD09 PullmanSYD10

The bedroom a queen sized bed which unfortunately had seen better days. It immediately sagged as soon as you lay down on it.


We could not get the air conditioning to raise to a suitable temperature (bearing in mind that it is the middle of winter down under). If we wanted the temperature to be as if we were sleeping in Hyde Park, well we would be sleeping in Hyde Park and have no need for a pricey hotel room.


There was also a small desk in the corner, and a closet.


Back in the lounge room, we opened the minibar, only for the entire contents of the mini-bar’s door shelf to fall out onto the floor. Something of a design flaw.


Located above the mini-bar was a tap and sink.


The bathroom had one of those dated tubs with basically useless spa jets. Our tub had also been poorly cleaned as there were a number of human hairs in it.

PullmanSYD20 PullmanSYD21

We headed up to the rooftop to enjoy the spa pool, which seems to have a nice vantage on the city. Unfortunately it was out of service.


Also located on the top floor is the gym.

PullmanSYD26 PullmanSYD27

There are also changing rooms…


… and an outdoor pool. It looked nice, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to be heated so wasn’t a compelling proposition in the middle of winter.


Purely in the name of research, we decided to redeem our welcome drinks and so headed down to the bar in the lobby.


The welcome drink could be redeemed for a beer, glass of wine or ‘signature cocktail’, which seemed to be some kind of sparkling wine concoction.


Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge is located on the 21st floor.


The colour scheme is best described as burnt orange.

PullmanSYD44 PullmanSYD46

There are a number of dining tables located down the other end of the lounge.

PullmanSYD48 PullmanSYD49

The executive lounge is open 24 hours a day. What we found very peculiar is that the beverages, even the soft drinks, are all locked away by padlock except for the 90 minutes that forms evening drinks.


Because the lounge is so cozy (it feels like it is two suites converted into a lounge), it is very easy for one person to dominate the lounge. At one point an individual with horrendous body odor entered the lounge and at the table next to us. It was unpleasant enough that we left the lounge earlier than we had otherwise intended to.


The evening spread offered an excellent selection of salad.


The hot options were a little lackluster and when they ran out they were replaced by something completely different. Spring rolls and samosas that look like they came out of a freezer aren’t our idea of evening executive lounge fare.


There were a number of spirits out.


The same wine that was part of the welcome gift made an appearance in both red and white varietals. We steered well clear.


There was also a selection of desserts, cheese and fruit.


Breakfast is served in the lounge from 6:30am to 9:30am Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 10:00am weekends and public holidays.

PullmanSYD60 PullmanSYD61 PullmanSYD62 PullmanSYD63 PullmanSYD64 PullmanSYD65 PullmanSYD66

We decided that the Pullman Sydney Hyde Park was not the property for us. Despite the stay starting off on the right note, our experience was that the hotel’s maintenance standards (or lack thereof) really left a stain on our stay. On the plus side, Le Club Accor have a quadruple points offer for Platinum members (registration required) through 31 July 2015 (although this is not property-specific).

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