Review: Qantas Business Lounge, Wellington

Qantas operate double daily flights to Sydney and daily flights to Melbourne from New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. We visited the Qantas Business lounge (its sole lounge in Wellington) before an early morning flight to Sydney.


Arriving in the lounge, we had to wait for an extremely long amount of time while an individual was waving his Emirates Gold card at the front desk and trying to downgrade his wife from business class to economy to sit next to him, but only with a window seat for privacy reasons, and only for this short flight to Sydney not the connecting flight to Dubai. We usually don’t make time for this kind of waiting, but we were amused by the way this conversation was going.

As it turned out, his wife was not downgraded and he was not upgraded (although at least six platinum members ended up being operationally upgraded on this flight). There ended up being an empty seat in business class next to his wife.

We digress, apart from perhaps noting that it is helpful when lounges have more than one staff member on duty so that one difficult customer doesn’t hold up everyone else.

QFWLG - 10

The lounge is actually pretty spacious. This is where it has one up on the Air New Zealand International Lounge at Wellington (as the Air New Zealand lounge handles many times more flights and elite members but is smaller).

QFWLG - 12

A lot of the seats are quite close together, but we picked a single seat by the wall.


The lounge has two showers. It is necessary to ask for a towel from reception.


The lounge has a decent sized buffet and self-service bar.

QFWLG - 11

There is a fridge with high-end Kapiti ice-cream in it.


The beverage selection included a number of individual bottled drinks.


The breakfast buffet in this lounge is always unimpressive.


Even so, the lounge displays some awards it got as Compass Catering ‘Site of the Year’.


Qantas board their flight directly from the lounge through a side emergency exit door which they crack open. While we would rather sit in the lounge and board a Boeing 737 aircraft last rather than be the on board, there is some pressure from the staff to board immediately.

Qantas have a solid lounge offering in Wellington for a port which only sees three narrowbody Qantas flights a day.

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