Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge (First Class), Sydney

Singapore Airlines’ (SQ) Suites Class and First Class are among our most preferred ways to get around the world. We find that the Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounge (First Class) in Sydney makes for a very pleasant start to a journey out of Australia’s largest city on Singapore Airlines.

After checking in and running the gauntlet of emigration and security (and walking at least a kilometre in the process) we made it to the SilverKris Lounge (SKL for short) – located up escalators in Pier C of Sydney’s international terminal, near Gate 54. The Air New Zealand lounge is next door should you get lost and need a reference point.

SYDSKLentry - 1

After presenting our boarding pass to the lounge agent, we were ushered through a narrow sliding door on the right of the entrance podium into the first class lounge.


In a well practiced hand-off, the lounge agent introduced us to an attendant by name as a Suites Class passenger.

We were invited to take a seat and once comfortably seated, were immediately provided with a menu and offered a drink (perhaps some champagne?). We declined the champagne knowing that there would be a much better drop available on the plane.


The lounge is not massive, but certainly there is ample space to accompany Suites and first class passengers (along with members of Singapore Airlines’ top tier Solitaire members of its frequent flyer recognition programme, PPS Club) and guests.

The lounge is broken up into four sections. Upon entering the lounge, there is a sitting area:


This is followed by the buffet and dining area:


We find it odd that the dining tables are lined up close together next to the wall. Presumably the designers considered freestanding tables and chairs and decided against it.


The next section of the lounge contains eight work pods. We find these a bit cramped. Its worth noting that this lounge doesn’t have anywhere private to make phone calls – something fewer and fewer airport lounges seem to be providing these days.


For those needing the conveniences, a hall off to the side here leads to the first class lounges’ bathrooms and showers. We appreciated toothbrushes being available here.


At the end of the lounge is the main event – three pairs of chairs by the window looking out across the airport apron.

These seats usually fill first. We snagged one pair and the remaining two pairs were shortly thereafter snapped up by couples entering the lounge.


We found the service to be very attentive, including with proactively offering top-ups of drinks. Certainly far more attentive than we have experienced in the Qantas First Lounge across the terminal (particularly during the morning when it is usually heaving and service tends to suffer as a consequence).

We ordered off the menu à la carte.


The wine selection here is good (and was once served in the business class side of this lounge too) and aligns with the quality you see in The Emirates Lounge Sydney.


The spirits selection consists of Baileys, Barcardi, Belvedere, Bombay Sapphire, Campari, CinZano, Conitreau, Glenfiddich and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.


The lounge buffet is well stocked, although we do prefer to order off the menu here.SYDSKLF - 10SKLSYD07SYDSKLF - 9

We find the SilverKris Lounge (First Class) to be a pleasant place to get some work done and refresh before a flight to Singapore. With so few people using the lounge, the atmosphere is certainly peaceful. The service is also very attentive: for example, the staff approach customers individually to inform them that their flight is boarding.

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