Review: Korean Air Business Class Lounge, Seoul-Incheon Airport

Korean Air operate a number of lounges at its hub, Seoul-Incheon International Airport – the largest airport in South Korea,  found 48 kilometers west of the South Korean capital.

A Korean Air business class lounge (dubbed ‘KAL Lounge’) is available in each concourse and a first class (dubbed ‘Prestige Lounge’ is available in concourse A). We visited the KAL Lounge in concourse A.

It appears that the KAL Lounge is accessible to passengers on just about any airline departing Seoul-Incheon airport. Interestingly there are a number of oneworld members (such as American Airlines, Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines) that direct their passengers to the Korean Airlines lounge as opposed to the Cathay Pacific lounge.


After going up the escalator and turning left, you encounter the entrance to the lounge, along with an even longer list of SkyTeam member airlines who have access. Priority Pass members also get access, not normally a sign of a high-quality lounge.


After passing the reception desk, on your left is a small bar area with an odd selection of only dark spirits and some basic red and white wines.


Past that point is the main floor of the lounge. The lounge is very pale in terms of the light colours used, with furniture in the pale colours of ‘Korean Air’.

The furniture wouldn’t look too far out of place on the floor of an IKEA store. Unfortunately, the sofas weren’t that comfortable.


To the left of the main seating area is the dining area with an array of food laid out for breakfast, including instant noodles.


In the morning when we visited, there was plenty of cereal (if that takes your fancy).


A small array of pastries were laid out as well.


Some interesting looking salads were available, including everyone’s favourite: cherry tomatos.


Breakfast juices and hot meal options were also available.


The cups beside the soda machine looked like they might be better suited to mouthwash.


The rest of the lounge is reasonably unexciting, with small TV viewing areas and showers available in addition to extra seating.

There is quite a nice long wall of windows gives excellent views of the tarmac operations, however.

Korean Airlines had a model of their new 787 on display. Korean currently have one 787-8 currently in operation and ten 787-9s on order.


The Korean Airlines Lounge in Seoul-Incheon is a functional space with the expected amenities. We do feel that for a lounge at its flagship hub, Korean Airlines could have done more with the space. We wonder what former Korean Air executive Heather Cho would think about this lounge.

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